Software testing for absolute beginners

What is software testing?

Software testing is one of the important activities that are carried out to test particular software for its efficiency. Software testing is generally done by organizations to validate if the software is developed as per the user requirement and it functions as accurately. To learn software testing you needs to enroll for a software testing course.

Imagine you decide to purchase a brand new car in a red color. But the dealer gives you a car which is in blue and it’s dirty, or maybe while driving the gears and the clutch does not function properly how frustrated would you feel. This can result in customer dissatisfaction and loss of business. Software testing helps you avoid taking such a big risk. The software tester’s job after completing software testing course is to verify the customer’s requirement and check if the software matches his requirement.

Also, he needs to check if the software functions properly as if the customer faces issues while operation he would be frustrated. He rigorously checks the software without any mercy on the bugs. In software testing course he is taught to finds them from every nook and corner and makes a note of it making sure the errors are fixed.

Types of Software Testing:

Software testing is broadly divided into 3 categories which are covered in software testing course is:

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Non-Functional Testing or Performance Testing
  3. Maintenance Testing

Let’s look at each one of them respectively.  

  • Functional Testing: This type of testing is one of testing where the software or the system is tested against the functional specifications. Now the software tester makes sure that he checks the functions provided in the software. He tried to check if the input given in the software provides the right output. Sometimes the user can enter wrong input so the tester checks if there is any validation for such wrong input. The tester also makes sure he prepares and executes test cases to conclude. If there is an issue the tester communicates the same with the development team so they can make the required changes. 
  • Non Functional Testing: The non-functional software testing is opposite to functional testing. Here the tester checks the performance, readability, and usability of the software. It is mostly done to make sure the software performs well in the production environment. On the production floor, there is a lot of processing going on at a single time. If multiple users use this software continuously there are chances it may crash. To avoid this, non-functional testing is done. This show tells us if the software can handle the load at a time. 
  • Maintenance Testing: This is the last but very important type of testing. Once the software has been implemented in the production environment then the software can need an upgrade. This upgrade can be required if the user upgrades to different operating software or hardware. The software is tested for any upgrades and issues in this level of testing.

Software testing has become a vital part of the IT field. Imagine without software testers how would the software industry progress. If you want to be the one who is passionate about testing then you should enroll software testing course from ExlTech. We provide the best training with 100% job guarantee to ensure your bright future. Become one of the most demanded IT professionals in the market by completing a software testing certification to add value to your resume. Why wait, visit our website or call us today at 9607905150.

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